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Women should be celebrated every day


I was reading some posts this morning in various abuse/domestic violence groups. Desperation, sadness and so much anger filled my heart. Young, beautiful women wasting the best years of their lives putting up with ‘men’, (or excuses of men), who abuse then in any manner. Women so broken and hurt that they can’t see the way out, who have no more courage left to take it even when they do see it. Women who can’t understand how amazing, precious, important and beautiful they really are; who don’t realize just how much they are worth.

There are so many women who despite loving, caring and giving to others they haven’t received the same back. Women who are not even aware that they are being abused.

I feel so powerless and furious when I read stories of bruised women, living in fear, scared for themselves and their children’s safety. I am so upset that some ‘men’ think in their tiny brains that they have the right to humiliate, belittle, manipulate, swear at, control and hit ANYONE! I am even more upset at all the people who are aware that abuse is taking place in a relationship/household – they might even witness it  – and they do nothing about it.

Abuse is NOT a matter that concerns only the abusive and abused. It concerns all of us! It concerns our society as a whole, our children, our friends and family and our future. Men and women MUST stand up to it and help each other stop it once and for all.

I feel devastated for all the women, of any age and cultural background who are alone; who have noone to talk to and ask for help.

Today is the International Women’s Day and is not a happy day for thousands of women across the world. Today we should all celebrate every single woman everywhere, (Read: ‘Be Fabulous, you Earned it’),  – our moms, wives, sisters, cousins, friends –  not typing sad smileys under pictures of bruised, depressed faces.

Let’s finally put an end to so much violence against women, let’s not mourn any more victims of domestic abuse, let’s educate ourselves and others, spread awareness, offer support and advice and Speak Up !

“You have what it takes to be a victorious, independent, fearless woman.”

– Tyra Banks

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