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When you are unhappy, no role is enough


Waking up this morning, although a bit tired, I felt really content.  I magaged to beat my own PR in a 5k race yesterday! I run for a staggering (for me) 27.33 minutes!

I then spend Sunday with my children enjoying the sun and nature doing some trail walking, picking up flowers, stroking slags, horses and climbing on mud.

Then…I read a comment on a newspaper online where a woman said: “it’s so nice to see successful, super fit women rather than the usual wives, mothers, victims.” ….
There are many things wrong in the world and in our society and this is one of them.

Women are not victims, wives are not victims and mother are certainly not victims. 

PEOPLE are victims when one of two (or both) things happen: 1) they choose to be, and 2) they have been psychically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically abused.

Women (sadly mostly) are so desperately trying to impose unrealistic standards to other women – it’s crazy! 

So first , motherhood is not good enough, screw the children – they can be raised in a nursery or by grandma or a nanny – depends on how much money you can spend. What really matters is to WORK even if your children are really small, even if you can afford not to go to work, even if for your own reasons you don’t want to. Send them to an all day school and follow your career cause THIS IS the only way to feel fulfilled as a woman.

Then, even this was not enough. In order for women to be really empowered, apparently, motherhood and successful careers are NOT enough.

I read this morning that women, now, also need to be super fit, complete marathons just before going to work or be able to cycle from London to Paris on a weekly basis.

Right. To all of this I say: 😐 . All I see is unhappy women trying so hard to prove something… probably to themselves even if they don’t know it yet.

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to work, be healthy and fit and also have children. But there needs to be a balance and a realistic take on what is sacrificed each time.


I don’t need to be the CEO of any company to feel empowered. Money doesn’t empower me. Going out naked doesn’t empower me. Flying to business meetings every second day doesn’t empower me. Body image standards also don’t empower me. Arrogance doesn’t empower me, ignorance doesn’t empower me and blaming others for all my problems certainly doesn’t empower me!

I don’t hate men, I don’t feel the need to do so, I don’t feel victimized, a lesser member of western society because I am a woman, or that I need to be able to do exactly what men do! It is not a competition – men and women have different qualities, skills, and strengths and that is OK!

I want to and know that I can do more!

I feel very empowered that I have been lucky enough to live through every single experience and developmental stone of my children!

Teaching them, guiding them, working through issues together with them, showing them, talking to them, learning new things with them, supporting them and evolving together with them – requires physical presence, at least for the first few years of their lives.

I feel very empowered that I have gone through many difficulties in life and haven’t become bitter and negative.

I feel empowered that, after hard work with myself, I am slowly getting to the point where I delete toxic people from my life and surround myself with the ones that love me and make me happy.

I also feel empowered that I try every day to love myself more, stay as active as possible, lead a healthy lifestyle, learn to make myself happy first and teach my children to do the same.

Being in a healthy relationship or marriage an choosing to be with the people you deserve is VERY empowering!

If you want to be perfect at everything – please don’t let your children pay the price! 

Happy Monday and don’t forget to smile ☺ Life is what we make it!

Till next time x

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