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When there is a will… mommy finds a way!


Are you a busy, tired mom who is looking forward to some alone time to work-out/run/be with your thoughts and relax but you don’t have anyone to look after your children? Well, I have the solution! And no.. it’s not staying at home drawing some more or making play-doh snakes (euw).

The solution is much simpler than that and I felt like a genius when I came up with it!

You take your children with you!

Yes, no stressing over babysitters or missing out on your favorite activities!

I got my daughters really excited about going together on my usual running route!  We (well,..that’s a lie… THEY decide on their own what they want to wear and gave me the ‘you can’t tell us what to wear’ speech when I tried to intervene so.. yeah.. 🙁 ),  chose really comfy and warm ‘working-out’ clothes, (so what if it’s the middle of August? …its the Netherlands here … the summer took the year off). We made really nice ponytails, made sure there won’t be any toilet emergencies on the way and we were set to go.

Oh… we also ate magical cereal bars that give lots of strength and apparently make hair blonder 😀

Me, Sofia and Emilia ran and walked for 4,01 km in 45 minutes and it was absolutely great! 

And although we have been going for many walks and outdoor activities over the years and even for test runs before a school charity event, this was somehow different. Sofia seemed to be better at endurance while Emilia was faster 🙂

Teaching children positive values, learning to love themselves and lead healthier lifestyles, are all things they will naturally mimic (among with everything else too).  Being a good role model is not as hard as some people think. It all starts from changing yourself first and the rest will follow.  

Till next time xxx

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