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The perversion of Facebook groups


Don’t talk about women, men, abuse, black, white, left, right, gay, lesbian, fat, skinny, violence and religion – you will offend people. Do not swear – you offend people. Don’t share your personal story – you will offend other people. Don’t talk about politics – highly forbidden, people are offended. Don’t speak against immigration – no, no, no, no, no many people will get offended.

Make sure you write: “TRIGGER WARNING” before you post something cause yeah…you ARE supposed to guess everyone’s triggers….

Do NOT advertise your own quotes or blog… NOOOOOOOOOO big big crime! People might like you and they might even follow you and that’s bad for the group you are posting at.

If you have questions PM the ‘admin’ – (yeah, such an important job. Thank you FB for making everyone feel ‘special’) – but only at specific times cause admins are people and they have lives too (just in case you thought otherwise).

Last but not least, do NOT, I say do NOT make friends with other members of the group, you will get hurt. Yes, you will and regardless of you being an adult and able to make your own decisions, the all important ‘admin’ advises against it.

Let’s take a minute away from the ongoing debate on the Universities’ ‘rape’ culture – which does NOTTTTTT exist (in Western democracies) – and focus on a real problem: – THE FACEBOOK GROUP CULTURE – which is becoming a restrictive cult ruled by people who dictate what you can do and say and who you can be. People who pretend to represent a group of others needing supportive chats but deep down wanting to promote their own agenda, not allowing sharing of information, knowledge, experiences and opinions.

Who don’t really care about the theme of the group itself but indirectly ‘brainwash’ their members into following a specific mindset build on the admins’ own life’s stories and beliefs. Anyone not wanting to comply is immediately banned.

Facebook groups are popular and can be extremely useful. I have met very interesting people in them, I have learned a whole deal of information, exchanged views and asked questions to people having the same problem as me.

However, in certain groups, sadly to see them growing in number and really fast, you feel like you are in prison. There are groups that have pinned 2 pages of so-called ‘rules’ that you MUST read. It got me really laughing once when in one of these groups the members weren’t only obliged to read and follow the rules of the group but also comment that they have read and agreed with the. It’s totally pathetic and sad.

I found myself in a group today where anything you said could be offensive so… you better not post much. Just hit ‘like’ and stay a spectator.

Dear ‘admins’ – please…. focus more on the human interaction experience and less on the ‘i am the boss’ attitude. Also.. the ONLY rule that your group should have is people to be decent to each other. Delete ALL the others – you are just wasting your valuable time writing them up.

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