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The most beautiful ballerina


It might seem like any other regular video where a child dances and sings. Well, it is. The only difference is that like every other proud mom who sees her little baby growing into a beautiful little girl – I, too, am full of a little (or much) extra pride for mine. Watching her cute, girly outlook on life combined with a dose of tough attitude which she can’t sustain for long cause…well, sweetness takes over 🙂

Sofia is 5 and a half and she surprises us every single day with all the clever things she does and says. I made the mistake for a while, when she was a baby, looking at growth charts and so called milestones. Then I finally got it – every child has their own pace, their own developmental milestones, their own rhythm. Every child is unique and different and every time I heard : ‘she can’t’ or ‘she won’t be able to’ – in my head that was automatically translated to: ‘she’ll definitely try’. And since then I have given her all the support, space, pace and time to try.

I regularly meet parents who are disappointed in their children. They have high expectations of them , mostly unrealistic. They want their children to fulfill dreams –  dreams that are not their own, but their parents’. They have visions of their future even from before they are born, plans about what they will do, choose to be, behave like. They don’t realize that by exercising such control over another human being, they take away their individuality, their unique nature and character. Thinking they are doing the ‘right’ thing, they put them into a mold that they create –  a choice that will cost them and mostly their child greatly. 

Our children do NOT belong to us –  we are blessed with the extraordinary task of bringing them up, trying to become better ourselves in order to give them the best role-model they can have and teaching them the most important values of life such as kindness, giving, humility, empathy, respect, gratefulness and love among others.

There is no child who is slower, less clever, less able, less anything – every child is different and us parents have a lot to answer for when it comes to what kind of childhood experience they will be offered. Give your children the best gift you can ever give them and be the parent they deserve!    – or at least give it your best shot. Until next time 🙂

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” – Robert Fulghum


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