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The happiness people fake


What could make  people happy? Hmm… let’s see… Money, spending money, buying things, owing a house, an expensive car, showing off their ‘fancy’ career, feeling important, having a ‘high’ status in their social circle, being very popular, having many friends, wearing expensive clothes, wining and dining in 5 star restaurants, having the ‘perfect children’ that are good at everything, pretending  to have perfect lives. Settling for meaningless relationships, and fake friendships. ‘Great stuff.’

What really makes real people happy? Well, let’s think about it. A nice warm cup of coffee in the morning made by their loved ones, a hug, smile and a  kiss when they don’t expect it, their children being healthy, achieving small goals every day, trying to become better and evolving, learning new things, loving and being loved, being respected, owing small but meaningful things. Being able to sleep smiling every night, feeling the sun in their face, laughing under the rain.

Preparing a meal for the ones they love, All the hundreds of small moments of personal satisfaction – things that might not seem important for others but for you only. (MUST READ: ‘This is happiness’)

What makes people really happy are things so humble that you will never find if you spend too long looking for them. Happiness are millions of moments and not a status. It is just a wasted reality for most of us that we spend our limited time on this earth trying to prove to others how important we are, how many things we own, what a ‘wonderful’ life we are living. Spending it by working too much, indulging in self destructive behavior, being ungrateful, unappreciative of others, missing out on the big picture.

You don’t need too much of anything to be really happy. Unless it’s health and love 🙂 

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