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Teaching children real values


My daughters’ school organised a charity event a few days ago. They had to run as many laps as they could and raise money, this way, for the charity of their choice. It wasn’t compulsory for all the school children to attend, although, they all did.

Days before the event, I felt like explaining to them what that would be all about. Although we often, in our family, talk about giving and helping others, the idea of raising money for a charity wasn’t quite understood. I showed them photos online of charities, other fundraising events, children in need around the world and explained how this kind of helping works. They had questions, of course, which is always good. Then they were sad and then… excited!

Learning how to be kind, good-hearted, considerate, compassionate, giving, positive and everything else good starts from home!

My daughters were now looking forward to try, to do well, to do as many laps as possible so we raise more money. We arranged to do a little training and since they watch me exercise almost every day, the notion is already a familiar and positive one. We went for long walks and practice runs while listening to music and having fun – yes, we actually did some outdoor dancing too 🙂

I always try to make my daughters understand that the result doesn’t really matter much – they can only do the best they can.

On the big day, we watched them both with a lot of pride and felt glad that schools promote these kind of activities and humanitarian thinking. Not wanting to brag (hehe) but, from the maximum of 22 laps my daughters ran 38 and 33 respectively 🙂 (I know, I know… I’m bragging)

The kind of people your children will grow up to be is right now depending on you! Teach your children the right values in life.

Well done to BS Lahrhof Primary School for organizing it and to all the children who took part in the event 🙂

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