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50 shades of ambition

When I was growing up both my parents worked. My mom didn't have a fancy well-paid career. She was an accountant and we needed the money. She had been working very hard all her life. Not in jobs where she can enjoy martinis with her colleagues…
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Women’s Day revisited

  I grew up in a country where 'women's day' was marked by presents, chocolate, flowers and dining out. Women would get together and make restaurant reservations or attend female-only house parties. I couldn't wait to become a woman, too so I could take part…
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Women should be celebrated every day

I was reading some posts this morning in various abuse/domestic violence groups. Desperation, sadness and so much anger filled my heart. Young, beautiful women wasting the best years of their lives putting up with 'men', (or excuses of men), who abuse then in any manner. Women…
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Spice up your bag

Since 2010 my bag was made out of nappies, milk bottles, wipes, nappy cream, pacifiers, little plastic containers filled with all sort of things, little towels, extra baby suits, extra everything really. Around 2012 my bag content situation changed status. Now it was full of biscuits, little…