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Spice up your bag


Since 2010 my bag was made out of nappies, milk bottles, wipes, nappy cream, pacifiers, little plastic containers filled with all sort of things, little towels, extra baby suits, extra everything really. Around 2012 my bag content situation changed status. Now it was full of biscuits, little juice bottles, fruit, other salty and sweet snacks, baby sunglasses, baby sun-cream, still of wipes, still of little towels and still of containers filled with all sort of things. Mostly food, though. I am one of thousand of moms who have accidentally dropped used nappies and melted chocolate out of their bag when trying to pay at the supermarket.

From time to time, I would clean everything out and make it look like a woman’s bag again, feeling all proud and happy only for it to return to its ‘natural mom bag’ status a couple of days later. It felt so good while it lasted. Now that my children are a bit older, (4 and 5), I manage to add a few extra personal items in my everyday bag which is a pretty lovely thing. I also have a bit more time for myself so I started going out again for the occasional coffee or drink which means that my bag needed a makeover!

A few days ago, I was invited to attend the presentation of a new cosmetic product at a friendly house and thinking that a few hours might be spend there I decided to revamp my bag and organize it in a way that works for me.

IMG_6255So, being Effie minus two  – aka on my own -, I didn’t need any of my usual children friendly products. My mobile, headphones and charger were a must. When I am out on my own,  my children feel like I have probably taken a long trip to the North Pole for an infinite amount of time and suddenly miss me so much that they need to talk to me quite often – so, charger, a MUST. I took my little laptop with me so I can do some work when I had the time, reply to emails, and write on my blog. Mom’s time IS very very very limited thus important. Saying that, everyone’s time is very important and it makes me sad when people take that for granted. 

My little notebook/calendar tries to always be a part of my bag although most times its covered in cookie crumbs. Sunglasses to cover those sleepless eyes and dark circles and look cool at the same time. It feels good to carry a lipstick with me. There are always ways to secretly add some on but the mascara – well, I saw that once on Sex and the City and it kinda makes me feel younger, carefree and sexy. Who knows, I might get to use it and re-apply once while out of the house.

IMG_6272My keys, I usually forget. Lately I got a key-ring from London, with a few metally thingies hanging from it. It’s bigger and makes more noise and that quiet helps me. When talking to other moms about the state of their bags we often end up having a good laugh about our similar situations. How does your going out bag look like? I would be happy to read your own stories on that. Till next time 🙂


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  1. Cristian

    That’s a pretty streamlined bag, and really spacious, fitting a laptop in it. What about if you could only take a clutch/evening bag? What would you take with you then? 🙂

    Oh, and may I recommend a small portable battery to charge your phone, in case you’re in place where you can’t plug in the wall charger.

    • Effie

      I have been wanting to buy a small portable charger for my phone for so long now! Nice suggestion about the evening bag, Will put one together soon 🙂

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