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Mom wants to work, children want to play…


People who have a relaxing/care-free and easy-lifestyle view of stay-at-home moms (specially when the children are very small) are either childless, or never had to spend a lot of time with children or are plain ignorant.

Saying that, before I was a mom myself I understood the struggles of women who craved alone toilet time and more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep (so not having children is not really an excuse).

I am a stay-at-home mom and seeing its many benefits on my children I wouldn’t have had it any different. Employing a babysitter or paying for extra time in nursery and ending up giving 3/4 of my wages in childcare didn’t seem to be worth it! 

On the same note, I have total respect for the also tired moms who can’t wait to come home and see their children and  who end up missing so many ‘first’ moments in their lives. 

I have to admit, it has gotten easier now that my daughters go to school and a few ‘free’ hours in the day feel like bliss – I can work/cook/workout/clean alone 🙂

During school holidays, though, is back to normal and finding two minutes to gather my thoughts and write has become such a hard task.

So … we are all here together… singing, talking, drawing, calling ‘mom’ 9 times a minute and wanting food/water/snacks/gum/toys/books while mom is trying to read psychology books and write an article!

Oh! Sanne the horse is with us too and she is sooooo needy! Always wanting stroking and stuff… pffft

Stay sane working stay-at-home moms – increase your coffee/tea intake, listen to some music and take big breaths! Being around positive people who love you helps a lot as well! If that’s not possible… then do not worry! You are strong on your own too and I am sure you can manage 🙂

Till next time xxx 


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