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How to lose weight, for real!


No, this is not a click-bait title, not at all. I can’t stand those and I wonder how people still fall for them.

This is an empirical account of a really busy person, ex-University-lifestyle student, ex-overweight woman, stay-at-home working mom, world traveler, expat, food lover, MS sufferer, multiculturally oriented psychologist, who has had many years of experience in human behavior, and tons of hours spend talking to women and men facing all sorts of issues, weight loss ones included.

I have also done every single (almost) diet is ever known to man and have attended gyms in 4 different countries.

I have struggled with weight since the age of 20 and I was an on/off overweight person – it varied according to how I felt like during that period. Being an emotional eater, like many women translates to: “I eat more when I am depressed and down. I also eat more when I feel anxious or stressed. I kinda eat more when I feel disappointed and let down, too.” 

I have done aerobics, weight lifting, virtual gyms, rope hanging, spinning, swimming, outdoor cycling, and Zumba.


All this is great but it will NEVER work if ONE very special ingredient is missing. I have said in a previous article how all the ‘expert’ online free or paid weight loss advice is written by thin people who don’t like food, have never been overweight and clearly, have 10 hours a day (at least) to work out.



The truth is that people, and especially women, will manage to adopt a permanently healthier lifestyle which includes physical activity and better eating ONLY when they learn to love themselves and consequently have a good psychology.

That’s right. Fab diets and everything miraculous doesn’t work or ‘works’ only for a short while because we are not happy and don’t truly love who we are.

It means that you want to get what you really deserve and you will try for it no matter how hard it is. 

Being overweight, with the exception of some medical conditions, means you are unhappy. Body image has nothing to do with what is acceptable by society or what is considered fashionably ‘good’. Losing weight is about being HEALTHY. 

My weight-loss journey only really started when I stopped dieting. It started when I learned how to love ME and to want positive and great things for me. When I decided that I would not settle. On the contrary, I would find a way to a healthier mental state which would eventually enable me to be in a healthier physical state, too. I decided I want to be around people who truly love, respect me and make me happy.

 I have to this day lost almost 30 kilos, taken part in many running events and have completed a half-marathon 🙂 (yayyyy)

Being diagnosed with MS doesn’t make me a victim –  it’s just an extra hurdle to get over in this loving-myself adventure 🙂 I have also met so many physically disabled people and suffering from all sort of conditions who are bravely living amazing lives and don’t give up … so really, there are NO excuses. 

So you can either invest time and money on diets/exercise machines and pills that will eventually fail OR find a way to fix what it is that is making you unhappy. 


Join me on social media and let’s get motivated and inspired together! Feeling good and energized is so addictive – once you feel it, you won’t be able to stop 🙂 My running group on Facebook is made of inspiring people who also love themselves and want to feel/look better!

Until next time x

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