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Ik ben…


There is nothing wrong with princesses  – they are beautiful, are with Prince Charming and most importantly… they are filthy rich. However, I feel so relieved that for this year’s carnival dress-up my daughters decided to NOT get yet another princess costume.

It was enjoyable watching them scroll through many pages of costume pictures and finally choose the ones they wanted – Mega Minty, a Dutch superhero and Rainbow Dash, the colourful pony. Carnival in The Netherlands is a totally different experience than the one I am used to, in my homeland Greece. Here, the carnival is serious business –  both for adults and children, a week long event and even the schools are out.

It was really nice to see a band playing music at my children’s school today and everyone being so cheerful and carefree.

For a few moments or days, at least pretending to be someone else can be so refreshing 😉

Till next time xxx and Happy Carnival!


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