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Helloooo ! ­čÖé I am very excited to be starting my own blog. The huge success we had we alwaysladies.com made me realize that people need more articles they can relate to, in real life. I was happily surprised to see many male readers, too, visiting our site and that inspired me even more in creating something more personal. There is a lot of ‘scientific’ information out there on parenting, relationships, psychology and so on which end up┬ábeing simply┬áconfusing and overwhelming, at best.

I hope that here, you will find realistic and understandable approaches and thoughts to matters that concern women, men and moms that will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you.

Keep smiling!

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  1. swapna palkar

    your articles are very beautiful and helpful. thx a lot. would want to read all of them.

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