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Frozen 5


A year has gone by so fast when  Emilia had her Baymax party 🙂 Since then there have been 365 days of: around 5 billion kisses, 10 billion cuddles, more than 3 billion hugs, 10 billion laughing moments to go with the other 10 billion of crying ones, around 30 million hours worth of talking, give or take 40.000 melt downs, countless sleepovers, hundreds of hours of walking/cycling/running/playing together and more than 100 trillion moments of pride, love and gratefulness.

No, am not exaggerating – moms don’t do that, of course! 🙂

Emilia mostly likes ‘traditionally’ boys’ toys  – although we have never implied or set such limitations (pink is for girl, blue is for boys). She likes Lego’s, Baymax, Transformers and lovessss Spiderman. So while I was searching You Tube for a DIY Toothless cake, Emilia told me that she had ideas and thoughts about her party.

She wanted everything Frozen themed, Olaf everywhere, the house in blue, pink and white, she wanted to be dressed as Elsa and all her girlfriends to come at the party as princesses. 

I was taken aback. My daughter wanted girly stuff and I soooo wasn’t ready for that! A quick online research and I was convinced that there no way I would be able to make a Frozen cake on time so I settled for ordering one instead.

Emilia likes to be involved. In mostly everything. She chose all the presents for her classmates, she had strong opinions about what type of bags to put them in, she spend more than 15 minutes choosing the candy (!) and she helped me make all 28 🙂 We spend the night before,  decorating  – which I did most of – while Emilia was bossing everyone around and supervising the preparations.

At school, they gave her a nice little tiny party and she was so excited to give out all her goody bags. I am not sure how in 3,5 hours of school you can fit hundreds of events but apparently so many things took place that morning and she told me all about it on the way back to our frosted house.

Covered in snow and feeling really cold we kicked off the party under heavy weather conditions. Thankfully Elsa and her gang of powerful princesses were in good spirits and they didn’t turn us into ice statues! 

Party was great, lots of pizza was consumed, Frozen overload around, all children were happy and tired too, like mommy.

The latest online parenting trend, seems to be…moms, usually drinking wine/eating ice cream, generally being frustrated or angry and ranting about how fed up they are. I sometimes feel like that too – tired, exhausted, sleepless…but I guess I’ll be the black sheep and will choose to opt out of ‘offspring bashing’ and I’ll focus on how proud I am of Emilia.

I like the fact that she is a child – meaning, she is loud, she runs around, she complains, she demands, she laughs loud, she plays, sometimes she is too energetic, other times moody and many times she pushes our boundaries.
I like the fact that she tries to get away with everything, she sometimes secretly looks for where I left the cookies, her favorite meal is chocolate and if she had it her way that’s the only thing she would eat daily. It’s funny that she doesn’t want to go to school in the morning but she is so happy while she is there. She is 5 and acting like a 5 year old is kinda the norm 😉

Emilia we love you more and more and remember that really… Elsa has nothing on you! 🙂

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