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Emilia and Baymax…


On the 19th of September my youngest daughter, Emilia,  turned four. Four years that went by pretty fast but were full of so many memories that could fill a lifetime. I never liked the ‘sex role’ mold that children are ‘obliged’ to follow and despite secretly adoring anything girly pink, I pretty much allowed my daughters to choose any color, theme or dress code that expressed them the best since they were old enough to make such choices. Emilia likes purple, Spider- man, Transformers, dragons and Baymax among  skirts and ponies.

For her birthday she had been asking for a Spider-man cake at first before she finally ended up going for a Baymax theme party. While asking around for cakes I was a bit shocked at people’s reactions to my daughters Spider-man choice. Isn’t it really sad that in this day and age there are still people who want to force children to fit in specific sex preferences acceptable by our culture? Isn’t it even sadder that there are parents who ignore their children’s wants and choices in fear of turning them homosexual or being looked down by society? 

We had an amazing Baymax-themed party which included everything Baymax and ‘Big Hero 6’ related from cups, balloons and plates to mommy’s homemade birthday cake and matching cupcakes.

Four years after this amazing girl came into our lives we celebrated her cheeky but sweet character, her kindness, her determination, the way she always knows what she wants and goes for it, her caring nature, the endless love she has for her family, the way she protects and looks after her older sister, her love for shoes (that I ‘blame’ on her Godmother), the way she has managed to learn so many things on her own since she was so little, her sense of humour, the way she surprises us every day with the things she says and does, her incredible language skills, the way she wants to be independent, her unique preferences in everything, her strong personality, the way she says: ‘You are my best mommy’, her adorable attitude, her braveness, the way she always considers other peoples’ feelings, her thoughtfulness, the way she thinks things over and then wants to talk about what happened earlier on, the fact that she is not scared to speak her mind and express her feelings, the way she slowly takes my shoes off when I fall asleep on the couch,  and her love for everything  Spiderman.

My ‘tiny tiny’ baby I wish there will be lots and lots of birthdays as great as this one to celebrate  – well, and even better. 🙂 

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