Nasty is out, kindness is in

One more young life lost, recently, as a direct result of online bullying.  Stand out and speak up against bullies.

Let’s bring kindness back by modelling such behaviour ourselves, first and then teaching it to our children.

Choose to have a good day

There is something really powerful about choice. It allows you to take control of your life, actions, and behavior. You become in charge of what happens to you rather than just be a victim of circumstances. It empowers you in ways you never thought possible.

Rather than just drifting along and putting blame on others for how you feel today –  be the one who decides. YOU can make your days better. Make them count.

Stay real

When having been hurt, disappointed, lied to, let down…. many of us, understandably, adopt feelings and behaviors that are not our own.

Resist. Not everyone is the same. Not every situation is the same. Not every single thing will have the same result. Don’t allow bad moments or people change you for the worse.

Learn from all your experiences – either bad or good – and let them act as a motivator to become better.

Be open to meeting new people

…they might change your life…or you might change theirs…